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We are a registered non-profit, charitable organization. Our Mission is to extend financial help to people who are in need irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Emphasis is given to cases where there is a genuine need for medical or educational support. All effort is made to find genuine cases and reaching out on time, and at the same time maximizing help to the beneficiary. Request for help comes through members who make sure that the case is genuine and submit to the group for help. Contributions to HelpSaveLife are 100% Exempt from US Income Tax under (501)(c) 3. See the IRS Notification Want to make a difference? Join Us or check out the current requests.

Give whole-heartedly towards the hospital expenses of a poor patient who could not afford their treatment cost. These patients are hand-picked by us and most of them are suffering with chronic and deadly diseases. The backward society who are suffering from these diseases and not able to carry out their treatment due to their financial problem, we put forward a helping hand for those needy people. Our little help all put together goes a long way for these patients to fight their battle against their diseases and help them live longer to support and nourish the family.

Give generously towards an education of a poor child. This donation will go towards the basic educational resources needed for a child to go to a school. Please become a part of a life-changing contribution in someone’s life which will advance their lives due to attaining education. We pick and choose students who have shown great results in their academics and help them go forward with their college studies to support themselves and their families. Please seed a good seed in their hearts and mind and provide them a great hope and future through education.

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Saneesh George - paralyzed and bedridden #0931

A help request is received from Mrs Mabil George, Arackal house, Amritha Kudeeram, A-2-2, Ambalameddu P.o., Ernakulam- 682 302 for her son Mr. Saneesh, 31 years old, working in a bus, got paralysed suddenly and is bed ridden. Mr Saneesh was under treatment at Kalamassery Medical college hospital, cochin and diagonised as " demyelinating type of neuropathy lower limbs" than upper limps. The doctor advised for injection which is costing 2 lakh rupees. As they are unable to bear the expenses, got discharged and presently taking ayurvedic treatments. They are very poor people economically even with out having their own house. They are in great difficulty as Saneesh is bed ridden and his mother is unable to go for any work and as to take care of her son and do have no income. They are in distress. Therefore, the help request is made for financial assistance from fellow brothers and well wishers. Let us support this poor family financially to reduce their distress and help them in medical treatment and save a life and a very poor family.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,195.00

Sini Abraham - Nursing Student, extended help request #0941

Extended helprequest of case#859 for nursing student Sini Abraham https://helpsavelife.com/Admin/CaseDetails.aspx?caseid=859&caseno=0859

Application and marklist are attached

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $585.00

Babumon - Kidney patient dayalisis since 3 years #0942

Babumon doing dialysis since three years twice a week. He has a monthly expense of around Rs 25000/- So far the treatment expenses are met through the well wishers. He is requesting for help in his treatment All documents are in the attached file Kindly consider this request

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $875.00

Celin Babu - Cancer Patient #0943

Help request for Celin Babu who is recovering from breast cancer. She is a daily wage worker currently unable to work. The family is in need of financial support, to continue with the treatment during this difficult time. I know the family personally. Please help this family. All supporting documents submitted through helpsavelife.org.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $980.00

Riby George - Central Fracture Dislocation #0953

The help request is received from Mr Riby George, 46 years old. He recently slipped and fell down from a tree while working and is now bed ridden. Due to the fall he fractured , underwent surgery was at the DM WIMS Medical College Wayanad. The family is very poor economically and they are in distress and requested for financial help for continuing medical treatment and purchase of medicines and daily living. Let us support this poor family.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,125.00
Special Help requests
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Help request for Anna Grace 11 years for lung tumor treatment #0917

This is a help request for a little girl, Anna Grace, 11 years, who is suffering from a tumor in the lungs. Parents consulted a few doctors in the govt sector and they all recommended a surgery, but govt hospitals don't have the necessary equipment. Finally, she got admitted to Amrita hospital where the doctors are recommending early surgery. Being a poor family, parents can't afford the expense for the surgery and related treatments. Kindly asking for the support from helpsavelife members to provide financial assistance to this family

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,588.00

Help request for six orphan siblings #0984

This help request is for six siblings, five girls and one boy. Their mother was a victim of domestic violence, and she was severely injured when her husband set her aflame. After six months of hospitalization fighting for her life, she tragically passed away, leaving the six children alone. The kids were sent to live with their mother’s sister, who is a widow with her own four kids. Because of their poor financial situation, the children were relocated to multiple convents, separated from one another. Kindly asking for money to help these children to support their education and daily expenses.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,000.00

Y.S. Latha - 49yrs - Seeking help for Kidney Transplantation surgery #0999

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This is a help request from Yenepalli Sitha Latha, 49 yrs, from SriKakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India. She is suffering from Kidney problems, undergoing dialysis for the past 7 years in Care Hospital, Vishakhapatnam. AP. Her previous kidney transplantation in 2016 has failed after 3 years and from 2019 she is undergoing dialysis again. Her doctor has certified that she has a matching kidney and can do the surgery anytime now. She stopped working a few years back due to health conditions, has 2 school-going children and husband is barely earning to meet the family expense. The family needs financial support for the surgery and further treatments. Kindly requesting all to lend a helping hand to this family in their most difficult time.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $750.00

Help request for Kumaran for cancer treatment #1000

This reqeuest is for Kumaran. He is suffering from cancer and had to undergo radiations after surgery to remove the tumor in his leg. He need medicine life long. He was a mechanic and now he is not able to work as he is not feeling well. Family is finding difficulty in meeting his treatment expense. Let us please help the family in their time of need.

Thank you, Benny

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GOAL : $1,500.00 / RAISED : $900.00

Help request for Alex George #1001

Alex George (56), has a family of 4 with wife Jolly and two children, Alphonse (22) and Teresa (24). Alphonse is mentally retarded and highly dependent on her family. Alex was bitten by a poisonous viper on January 1, 2009. As a result, he was hospitalized for 17 days and had to undergo multiple blood transfusions. He was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C, which the doctors believe is a result of contaminated blood from the transfusions. He has been prescribed a medicine that costs him 17,500 rupees per bottle to be taken for six months. This means 28 bottles are needed for his treatment, and the total ends up being 480,000 rupees. Alex is very weak, nearly bedridden, extremely underweight, coughs up blood, and suffers greatly due to his disease and his treatment side effects. Alex is in dire need of help to regain his health in order to take care of his family. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $3,752.00

Lini Biju - Cancer Patient #1002

Lini Biju is from Maruthonkara, Kozhikode who is suffering from cancer on her lungs and kidney. Lini is a mother of 3 children aged 12, 6 and 1 years old. They have already spent more than 10 lakhs for the treatment and need another 25 lakhs to complete chemotherapy and surgery. Her husband Biju left his job to take care of Lini and children. So Lini and family is looking for our support to pay the medical bills and complete her treatment at this difficult time or their life.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,250.00

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