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We are a registered non-profit, charitable organization. Our Mission is to extend financial help to people who are in need irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Emphasis is given to cases where there is a genuine need for medical or educational support. All effort is made to find genuine cases and reaching out on time, and at the same time maximizing help to the beneficiary. Request for help comes through members who make sure that the case is genuine and submit to the group for help. Contributions to HelpSaveLife are 100% Exempt from US Income Tax under (501)(c) 3. See the IRS Notification Want to make a difference? Join Us or check out the current requests.

Give whole-heartedly towards the hospital expenses of a poor patient who could not afford their treatment cost. These patients are hand-picked by us and most of them are suffering with chronic and deadly diseases. The backward society who are suffering from these diseases and not able to carry out their treatment due to their financial problem, we put forward a helping hand for those needy people. Our little help all put together goes a long way for these patients to fight their battle against their diseases and help them live longer to support and nourish the family.

Give generously towards an education of a poor child. This donation will go towards the basic educational resources needed for a child to go to a school. Please become a part of a life-changing contribution in someone’s life which will advance their lives due to attaining education. We pick and choose students who have shown great results in their academics and help them go forward with their college studies to support themselves and their families. Please seed a good seed in their hearts and mind and provide them a great hope and future through education.

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0877 Paraplegic/special needs brothers - Jithin&Nithin

This is a help request for two brothers Jithin (22) and Nithin (17), who are paraplegic (paralysis of legs and lower body) since birth and also having speech disorder. Jithin is battling recurring seizures and undergoing additional treatment. Nithin is showing progress after a surgery and now able to sit with assistance. However the family needs significant financial help to continue with the treatment plan. As the children need continuous care, both parents are unable to work regularly and support the family. Please support this family to meet medical care expenses.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $730.00

0909 Cancer Patient - Renjini

Renjini is a cancer patient with two kids suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Her husband is a dialy wage worker . They are seeking for help for her treatment

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,006.87

0910 Pre Mature Birth - Baby in NICU

Ambily Vijayan a baby at the month of 6 and living with support of ventilator. They required around Rs 30,000 per week for the survival of the baby and they belongs to poor family and can't afford the expenses and requesting for financial help

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $870.00

0920 Anjana Panicker

A help request is received from Ms. Anjana Panicker, 25 years, Kalathil house, Puzhavathu, Changanasserry P.o. Kottayam Dt - 686101 for her cancer treatment. She was under treatment at Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvanathapuram for cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma).She underwent 6 chemotherapy and 15 Radiations. She is from a very poor family economically and living in 2 cent small house and took loan from neighbors and also bank loan for the treatment. Her father is physically weak and not able to do any hard labor. They are living with meagre daily wages of her mother. They are in real miserable situation. Hence they have requested for financial help from fellow brothers and sisters for continuing her cancer treatment and living. Let us support this poor family financially for continuing the cancer treatment and lessen their misery .

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $955.00

0928 Deena Thomas - Nursing Student

This help request is for Deena Thomas, who is a 2nd year B.Sc nursing student in Mysore. Deena’s parents are daily wage workers, however her father met with an accident and currently bed ridden. Deena has 3 sisters who are also studying. They borrowed money for the 2nd year fee of Rs. 95,000 and unable to pay back. So please support with education of Deena so that the entire family will come out their dire financial situation.

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GOAL : $1,300.00 / RAISED : $770.00
Special Help requests
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0917 Help request for Anna Grace 11 years for lung tumor treatment

This is a help request for a little girl, Anna Grace, 11 years, who is suffering from a tumor in the lungs. Parents consulted a few doctors in the govt sector and they all recommended a surgery, but govt hospitals don't have the necessary equipment. Finally, she got admitted to Amrita hospital where the doctors are recommending early surgery. Being a poor family, parents can't afford the expense for the surgery and related treatments. Kindly asking for the support from helpsavelife members to provide financial assistance to this family

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $975.00

0952 Help request for Varghese throat cancer patient

This is a help request from Varghese M.M who is recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Mr. Varghese is father of Maria Varghese whom we sponsor for her school studies since 2013. Maria is now in 12th grade. They are from very poor family. I request you all to help the family for the treatment expense.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $860.00

0957 Lokose - skin graft surgery due to diabetes

Mr, Lukose Joseph is a 60 yr old diabetic patient. He burned his leg in an accident and formed a large non-healing ulcer on his right lower limb. As in the photo attached, the flesh exposed most of his right leg below knee. Apart from amputation, the only other option doctors suggesting is perform a skin grafting surgery by taking skin from another area of the body. Mr. Lukose is poor, his wife cannot do her daily wage work now to take care of him and his son who is 21 used to work in a Jeweler shop, which is now closed due to corona. He has a daughter who is married and another son who is a priest. They already spent 2 lakhs for his treatment by the support from others and also by borrowing. The proposed skin graft surgery would cost close to 3 lakhs. Any assistance to support this patient would go a long way to save him from being handicapped for the rest of his life.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $2,250.00

0958 Roby K Abraham

The request for financial support has been received from Mrs Rini Aleyamma Philip for her husband Mr. Roby K. Abraham, 46 years, Kallumkal house, Ponkunnam P.o., Kottayam- 686 506 .He is undergoing medical treatment for Chronic Liver disease with portal hypertension at the Amrutha Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin for past two years. Now his health condition is very weak and the doctors have advised for immediate surgery and liver transplant. The family is economically very poor, living with 83 year old mother and two daughters studying 9th and 4th grades. They are living on the income of wife as a lab technician. They need around Rs 40 lakhs for the surgery . Hence this help request is made for financial support from friends and well wishers for the surgery and medical treatment.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $350.00

0959 Essential Food Supplies to the Coastal Villages Affected by COVID 19

Trivandrum is a southern regional district in Kerala, India. A substantial number of its population lives in its coastal areas. These densely populated coastal villages have now turned out to be one of the major clusters of COVID-19. The rapid spread of the virus and the continuing prolonged lockdown, has adversely affected the lives of the common people here. In addition, sea rage has also relentlessly hammered the coast, breaching the sea wall, damaging homes, and disrupting the lives of many of these people living on the seashore. The majority of the population of these coastal villages are fishermen and daily wage earners, who are now unable to go for work due to this situation.

As an initial step, the Jesus Youth movement, through its Nalla Ayalkaran project, is supporting the community in these coastal villages by providing essential food supplies for their daily living. It would come around $9 for a single food supplies kit, which is a provision for one family, for one week. At present, 30,000 families are in dire need of support. We are hoping to reach out to 10,000 families among them. The sustainability of this project depends on the participation and collaboration of those who could support us generously to this end. We would really appreciate any response you may provide, towards supporting these needy families.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,150.00

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