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Sponsor a Student Request_ Haridas V.S.
Case Initiated : Manju Joseph Jan 30, 2016, 00:01 AM

Haridas V. S. is a 7th grade student at St. Joseph’s UPS Malayinchippara , Pathampuzha, Poonjar. Kottayam dist. His father (Sabu V.K) is a daily wage worker and supporting the family of 5. Mr. Sabu had an accident 9 years back and unable to earn a living. His mom who is staying with them had a fracture 4 yrs. back and needs assistance to walk. The family is finding it difficult to meet the expenses for the treatments, medicines and daily expenses. Haridas is doing well in his studies and has got very good grades in all his exams. Let us know if any of you have interest to sponsor Haridas. Please find attached the required documents.

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Raised: $1,200.00
Supporters( 5 )
Lincy Jeron
$ 300
John 1335
$ 300
John 1335
$ 200
John 1335
$ 200
Vijoy Alexander & Glory
$ 200
Amount Raised $ 1,200.00

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