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0818 Jaison - Treatment for Hemorrhagic contusion from road accident

This is a charity request for Jaison, who has met with an accident on February 26, 2019. He was admitted at Pushapigiri Medical college with Hemorrhagic contusion. He was unconscious for a few days. Now, he has been undergoing constant medication to recover. As per doctors, Jaison requires constant medication for a few months. He has no job or sustained income. He has no medical claim because he met with the accident while he was driving on a bike which had no insurance covered. His mother Mrs.Leelamma Joy is requesting us for financial help to bring back Jaison into his life.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $450.00

0851 Mary Kurian - cancer patient

Extended help request from Cancer patient Mary Kurian( Mary James). Initial she had breast cancer and it is spread to different organs including bones. We helped her around 2 years before. The current treatment details and application is attached

Note: Mary James is name after marriage and bank account has the name Mary Kurian. Last time they had to provide the certificate from viallge office to prove both names belongs to same person. The original is not with them now. Please use name "Mary Kurian" while writing the check.

996 140 3376

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $475.00

0858 Linto Jose - Spinal cord injury with paraplegia

Help request from Linto Jose, 32 years, who suffered a fall caused by electric shock, resulting in a traumatic spinal cord injury with paraplegia. Though he underwent spinal decompression and surgery, the disability now is permanent with lower body paralysis requiring bladder catheterization and full time wheel chair assistance. His father is unable to work due to multiple health conditions and his mother is a heart patient. He requires prolonged care and rehabilitation, which is a huge financial burden for the family. With help from friends and community organizations, they were able to manage the treatment expenses so far but unable to proceed with any future care. Please consider extending your help to this poor and struggling family.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $475.00

0860 Jose K.K - Support for Renal issues and leg amputation treatment

This help request is received from Mrs. Jose K.K, Kulamankuzhiyil house, Aruppukadu Puthuval, VagamonP.O., Idukki-685 503. She has no permanent job and no other income. He has 13 years old mentally retarded son and his father is physically challenged due to amputation of right leg. He is taking care of his mother in law and she has undergone a surgery due to renal problem. This family is very poor economically, we know this family very well and they deserve some help to raise her kids. Let us all help and support this family to survive. All the documents are attached here. Thank you Joe and Shiby Sebastian

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $495.00

0863 Ann Mary - Nursing Student

This help request is for Ann Mary for her studies. She is a BSc. nursing second-year student. Her father a daily wage worker is not able to work due to health issues. The family of four is struggling to meet their daily expenses and Ann Mary’s educational expenses. Let’s lend our hand to help this family in need. We have helped this case last year (Case# 720). Let us help her to continue her studies this year as well.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $400.00
Special Help requests
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0885 Help 12 individuals with neuromuscular disorders

This is a special request to support 12 individuals with neuromuscular genetic disorders or permanent disabilities caused by accidents. In addition to meeting expenses for ongoing medical treatment, most of them need good quality mobility equipment like a robust wheelchair or other support accessories. From 10 year old twins with muscular dystrophy to a 57 year old with accident inflicted paraplegia, they come from various backgrounds and are at different stages of life, all dealing with unique challenges. Please lend a helping hand to ease the hardship faced by their struggling families.

If each beneficiary can receive around $250-300, that could go a long way and will certainly provide immediate relief. Please open 0-Summary.pdf below for a quick overview of the 12 people and their challenges. Supporting documents for each person are also available for your review.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $3,011.00

0886 Akhil Prakash, 30 yrs, Stage 5 Kidney patient

This is the help request for a young man, Akhil Prakash, Age 30, who is a Stage 5 Kidney patient, His father, AK Prakashan is a farmer, mom is a housewife, unemployed. He has a younger brother. Akhil and his family live in a small village in Kaippattoor in Ernakulam District, Kerala. He was a very active and responsible young person who helped many sick people in his younger years to get back to their normal life. Unfortunately, Akhil had a kidney transplantation a few years ago due to his severe kidney problems and his local community helped him financially for the surgery. A few years later, Akhil’s kidney got damaged again and his life is in critical condition now. There is no other treatment other than another kidney transplant. It costs around Rs.25,00,000 (25 Lakhs - 8 Lakhs for Kidney transplant surgery, another 8 lakhs for the surgery on the donor to separate the kidney, and then remaining for the followup treatments ) including his treatment, Kidney donor’s treatment and follow up services. His father doesn’t have any stable income and he can’t go for any job because of his son’s condition. Akhil needs a helping hand from as many people as possible to get the kidney transplant done and come back to a somewhat normal life. Medical and other necessary docs are attached. Kindly requesting HelpSaveLife members to provide any assistance to this young man.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $873.00

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