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Direct support to Kerala Flood Victims
Case Initiated : Executive Committee, 2018-08-17
Case# 0733

All of us are aware and experiencing directly or indirectly the devastating effects of the unprecedented rain and flood in Kerala, India. Many lives are lost and tens of thousands of homes completely destroyed. More than 10 lakh (1 Million) people including Children, elderly and sick are sheltered in relief camps. Livelihood of these unfortunate such as crops, cattle, shops etc are flooded or washed away. At the site of this devastation, people around the state of Kerala, all over India and around the world are extending help and support in multiple ways. HelpSavelife has decided to come together as a family at the face of this disaster to extend support to the affected families most needed the support.

This is a special case created to support the floods victims. As we all know, HelpSaveLife members always identifies the most needy families and extend financial support directly to them. We have decided to do the same to support those affected by this natural calamity. Therefore we will be pooling funds under this case and funds will be distributed to individual families as identified by our members. Separate cases will be created for each family identified by our members and the contribution details will be available on our website like any other cases. Please be reminded that 100% of the funds contributed to this cause will be directly paid out to affected families.

Kindly consider this special request and support to help the most needed families in the face of this disaster. Any little contribution will go a long way. HelpSaveLife family greatly appreciate your sacrifice to this great cause.

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Case Initiated : Cyriac and Saly Samuel, 2018-08-30
Case# 0734

Help Request to help Mary Matha Nursing home in Assam, India to purchase a blood chemistry analyzer for the medical lab.

This request come from Dr. Sr. Rose Korah MD (thru helpsavelife member Cyriac Antony). She is doing voluntary service for Mary Matha Nursing home in Patago, Assam, India and they do not have a blood chemistry analyzer for the medical lab. Kindly requesting helpsavelife members to help purchase the most basic equipment and save the poor patients visiting the nursing home. Address of the nursing home

Dr. Sr. Rose Korah M.D Mary Matha Nursing Home Patago Assam, India.

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Regular help requests where member's default contributions will automatically be applied

Regular Help Request Total DonatedPledge
Shiyo - Congenital heart disease
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2018-01-28
Case# 0687

The help request is received from Mr K.M. Xavier, Kallarakal house, Udyogamandal P.O., Eloor south, Ernakulam- 683501, for his son Shiyo Xavier, 21 years old undergoing treatment for congenital heart disease at Lissie hospital Ernakulam. He underwent surgery during 2007 and 2009 also. Again he developed heart problem and the cardiologist advised for immediate surgery which cost about Rs. 2.75 lakhs. Mr Xavier's wife is a cancer patient. Therefore, he requested for financial help from fellow brotherens. Let us help this family financially for heart surgery and to save a life and family from distress.

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Paul - Bipolar disorder Patient
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2018-01-28
Case# 0688

The help request is from Mrs Molly Paul, Manavalan house C/o C.T. Joseph, Abhilash, Manjummel, Udyogamandal P.o. Ernakulam_ 683501 for her husband Mr. Paul suffering from mental disease (Bipolar disorder) and under treatment at Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre, Kakkanad, Cochin from 2007. They are very poor and have no land and house and stay on rent. They have 3 children school going. Mrs. Paul suffers high blood pressure and osteoporosis and can do light work only. Hence, they requested for financial help from fellow brothers and sisters for medical treatment of her husband who is mentally sick and for the family to live a life. Let us help and support and save this very poor family in their time of crisis.

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Antony - kidney and heart Patient
Case Initiated : Sebastian Antony, 2018-04-21
Case# 0709

This request is for PM Antony, Age 71, who is suffering from Chronic kidney disease and heart problems. He is living with his wife in a three-cent land in Parakkadavu, Thodupuzha. He makes a living selling book on a bus stand, however, due to his current severe health issues, he cannot work or perform any kind of job. He is requesting some financial help for his ongoing medical treatment and daily living. Please extend a helping hand to this family it would be greatly appreciated.

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Mr. Suresh - cancer patient
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2018-02-09
Case# 0712

Mr. Suresh diagonized cancer in 2014 and underwent chemotheraphy. But the disease is not cured yet and in 2017 doctors recomended 12 more chemos and he is going through it currently. He has two girls and both are studying and his wife is housewife. They are living in a rented house and finding difficulty in accuring money for the chemo. The treatment is taken through the money connected from well wishers. Attached all the required documents to consider this case.

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Anil Kumar - Kidney Patient
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2018-03-07
Case# 0723

Help request from Mr. Anil kumar who is suffering from a kidney related disease and transplantation is the only solution, which costs around 30 Lakhs rupees. He is working with a private bank and his father is a retired person from govt. service and he has no other assets or income. He has 2 kids studying at school. He is undergoing dialysis three times a week and it costs around Rs 80,000 per month. Since he can't afford the expensive treatment, he requests for financial help.

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