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Direct support to Kerala Flood Victims
Case Initiated : Executive Committee, 2018-08-17
Case# 0733

All of us are aware and experiencing directly or indirectly the devastating effects of the unprecedented rain and flood in Kerala, India. Many lives are lost and tens of thousands of homes completely destroyed. More than 10 lakh (1 Million) people including Children, elderly and sick are sheltered in relief camps. Livelihood of these unfortunate such as crops, cattle, shops etc are flooded or washed away. At the site of this devastation, people around the state of Kerala, all over India and around the world are extending help and support in multiple ways. HelpSavelife has decided to come together as a family at the face of this disaster to extend support to the affected families most needed the support.

This is a special case created to support the floods victims. As we all know, HelpSaveLife members always identifies the most needy families and extend financial support directly to them. We have decided to do the same to support those affected by this natural calamity. Therefore we will be pooling funds under this case and funds will be distributed to individual families as identified by our members. Separate cases will be created for each family identified by our members and the contribution details will be available on our website like any other cases. Please be reminded that 100% of the funds contributed to this cause will be directly paid out to affected families.

Kindly consider this special request and support to help the most needed families in the face of this disaster. Any little contribution will go a long way. HelpSaveLife family greatly appreciate your sacrifice to this great cause.

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Case#0759 - Help for heart valve surgery (Radhmani Ravi)
Case Initiated : Sebastian Antony, 2018-10-03
Case# 0759

This help request is for Mrs. Radhamani Ravi, 51, Mambillil House , Elanji P.O. Ernakulam. Radhamani has been in treatment for her heart disease for last 10 years and needs an emergency surgery for her heart valve at this time. Her husband, Ravi, also has mental problem and cannot do his job due to his spine problem. Radhamani is living with her two disabled children who has learning disabilities, her mentally ill mom, and her sick bed ridden sister. They have very limited income and live in a small house. Hence, they requested for financial help from fellow brothers and sisters for her surgery, medical treatment, her husband, and for her other family members. Please extend a helping hand to this family as it would be greatly appreciated.

Please see attached docuuments for more info.

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Case#0761 - Help request from SureshKumar for Liver Disease
Case Initiated : Sojimon James, 2018-10-12
Case# 0761

This is a help request from Suresh Kumar V.O. aged 49, having chronic Liver disease undergoing treatment at Lakshmi Hospital, Kochi from Aug 2015. He has been advised to have a liver transplant surgery for survival. The cost of the operation is roughly Rs. 35 Lakhs. He has only one son, currently working as a trainee, his wife is having a small job at nearby hospital. They are not able to afford the cost of the treatment. Kindly requesting help from helpsavelife members to help this family in their greatest time of need.

Suresh Kumar V.O Cheriyam Kunnel House Thalayolaparambu Kottayam (Dist). PIN - 686 605 Kerala. Ph: 944 778 1259 (Suresh) 996 115 4282 (Wife Lilly Suresh)

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Regular help requests where member's default contributions will automatically be applied

Regular Help Request Total DonatedPledge
Help request for education
Case Initiated : Manju Joseph, 2018-07-13
Case# 0720

This help request is for Ann Mary for her studies. She is a BSc. nursing student. Her father a daily wage worker is not able to work due to health issues. The family of four is struggling to meet their daily expenses and Ann Mary’s educational expenses.

Let’s Lend our hand to help this family in need.

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Educational help request from Ms.Ashina Varghese
Case Initiated : Binu Varghese, 2018-07-14
Case# 0721

This educational help request is from Ms.Ashina VargheseI.Ashina's father is a daily wage person and has no own property. Ashina had a high mark in SSLC and +2 and she had the dream to pursue the nursing study even in her family's financial problem. Her one year expense in the Nursing college is more than INR83000. Ashina is requesting us to help her to reduce her financial burden for her studies.

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Help request for education
Case Initiated : Lalu Vazhekatt, 2018-07-31
Case# 0726

This help request is for Amalda Roy, a B.Sc nursing student. This case is for her final year college fees (Rs.74,000). We have helped her with last year fees (Case#0623). Amalda's father has a low income job and not able to support her education along with two younger children. Amalda got admission in merit quota, but her family poor is finding it difficult to pay the fees. So any financial support will be a great help for Amalda's education.

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Help request for a cancer patient
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2018-06-19
Case# 0729

Help request from an old daily worker who is suffering from throat cancer and is requesting help for his treatment. He can't speak after the operation and is currently communicating by writing things to a book and display. He is financially very weak to meet all the medical expense.

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Help request for a cancer patient
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2018-08-04
Case# 0730

This help request in from Ms. Joslin Jose. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent surgery and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Her father passed away last year due to cancer .She is from a poor family and her family is in deep distress due to cost of treatment. The family is requesting for financial help at this time

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