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COVID Relief Fundraiser - Direct Support to Families #1068

India is going through one of the most difficult times in the pandemic thus far. Millions are feeling the overwhelming impact with hospitals filled to capacity, scarcity of urgent supplies and rising death tolls.

Help Save Life has decided to come together as a family to support people hit hardest by this crisis. The funds collected through this special case will be distributed to deserving beneficiaries identified by our members. Our funds will be directed to one or more of these needs • Offer aid towards hospital expenses and treatment costs • Provide financial help to families who lost loved ones • Assist families to meet their everyday expenses • Obtain urgent medical supplies, including oxygen and testing equipment • Procure protective equipment for healthcare and essential workers

Help Save Life is a 501c(3) charitable organization registered in the US. 100% of your contributions will be directly paid out to the affected and will be 100% tax exempt. Please donate generously to our COVID Relief Fund to help mitigate and provide relief for the underprivileged communities affected by Coronavirus in India.

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GOAL : $25,000.00 / RAISED : $16,175.20

Help request from Joseph Sunny for his studies #1098

Dear Friends,

This help request is from Joseph Sunny for Bsc Nursing. His mother is a daily wage worker and his dad passed away 12 years ago. They are staying in a rented house. His mother is finding difficulty to meet his educational expense. Let us help the family in their time of need.

Thank you, Benny

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $0.00

Case#1100 #1100

Tomy P.J is 57 years old from Thodupuzha, Kerala. He is suffering from Decompensated Chronic Liver Disease . The only life saving measure is to undergo a liver transplantation at the earliest. Surgery is scheduled for July 6th. His son Nitto is the liver donor for him. His family can't afford the expense for the surgery and post surgery expenses(Approximate 42 Lakh Indian currency) . Please consider extending a helping hand to Tomy's family.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $100.00

Help request for Anna Grace 11 years for lung tumor treatment #0917

This is a help request for a little girl, Anna Grace, 11 years, who is suffering from a tumor in the lungs. Parents consulted a few doctors in the govt sector and they all recommended a surgery, but govt hospitals don't have the necessary equipment. Finally, she got admitted to Amrita hospital where the doctors are recommending early surgery. Being a poor family, parents can't afford the expense for the surgery and related treatments. Kindly asking for the support from helpsavelife members to provide financial assistance to this family

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $2,000.00

Help request for six orphan siblings #0984

This help request is for six siblings, five girls and one boy. Their mother was a victim of domestic violence, and she was severely injured when her husband set her aflame. After six months of hospitalization fighting for her life, she tragically passed away, leaving the six children alone. The kids were sent to live with their mother’s sister, who is a widow with her own four kids. Because of their poor financial situation, the children were relocated to multiple convents, separated from one another. Kindly asking for money to help these children to support their education and daily expenses.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $5,821.50

Sadanandan - Support to build a small Home #1036

Request to support a family to build a small home of 500 sq ft.

The family is going through tough financial and medical challenges. Sadanandan, head of the family, was a bookseller and was unable to work due to cardiac related medical conditions. Sreerag, their only child has developmental disability and needs full time attention and care. His wife - Kala Sadanandan is hard working and is the sole breadwinner for the family. She works hard supporting the family and makes a living by tutoring the school children. The family is requesting support to build a very small home.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $4,344.98
Regular help requests

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Help request from Smitha for family medical support #1020

Requesting financial aid to cover medical expenses for family members. Smitha's husband was a fisherman, but cannot work now due to heart disease and diabetes. She has two daughters, the younger one has intellectual disability and early muscular dystrophy. Their house is also in need of significant repairs after flooding. Since the daughter needs full time care, Smitha cannot got to work and hence seeking our help.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $919.15

Request to treat Chondrosarcoma patient #1026

This charity request is from Mr.Binu Thomas for treating his wife, Mrs.Sheeja Binu. 45-year-old Mrs.Sheeja was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma, a malignant tumor in her large intestine. She has undergone several surgeries and has been hospitalized at RCC, Thiruvananthapuram, since October 2020. Mrs.Sheeja needs prolonged treatment for several years. Mr. Binu has two children who are students. He is a tea plantation worker and struggles to take care of medical expenses and family. For Mrs.Sheeja's treatment, Mr.Binu has already spent more than INR 12 lakhs with his family friends' help. Mr.Binu requests us to provide him some financial help towards his wife's treatment.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,017.53

Help Request for a Heart Patient #1027

Dear Friends, This help request comes from Gerogekutty in Karamcode, Kollam. He is a heart patient. He has been undergoing treatments in Sri Chthira Thirunal Institute at Thirvananthapuram for last 9 months. Now he is required to undergo a heart valve transplant surgery as soon as possible which costs around 5 lakh rupees. The family has two college going children. As Georgekutty the sole bread earner of the family has been sick, the family is great financial difficult. In this difficult situation they are seeking our help. Please consider extending a helping hand to this family. Thank you Josemon

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $990.00

Mr Manoj K.U #1028

The help request is received from Mrs Mini Manoj, Kallepurackal house, Thampalakadu P.o., Thonduveli, Kottayam, Pin 686506 for her husband Mr Manoj K.U., 50 years, a stroke patient with disability due to high blood pressure followed by stroke and disability. Moreover, he is a kidney patient, and diabetes and heart ailment also. He was under treatment at Medical college hospital Kottayam and at present he is on follow up with medicines costing Rs.5000 per month. They have a son studying in 10th grade and the aged ailing parents are also looked after by the family. They are very poor people with only income is from driving an Autorickshaw which is not sufficient to meet the medical expenses and daily living. Therefore, they have requested for financial help for continuing treatment.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $880.00

Leelamma Thomas #1029

A help request application is received from Mr Thomas Thomas, Thumbelattu house, Vazhoor East p.o., Kottayam - 686504 for his wife, Mrs Leelamma Thomas, 65 years, who is under treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, systemic hyper tension, recent right side distal rhetoricstructure, hydronephrosis and Bronchial asthma since last four years. She is receiving treatment in Govt General hospital, KVMS hospital and Mar Sleeva Medicity, hospital Palai. Last one month she had problem in passing urine and now she is on a urinary catheter. She has swelling in the body and bed ridden. The family is very poor living in 3 cent house with his son, wife and 3 kids and he is a daily wage earner and were receiving help from neighboring people for treatment. Mr Thomas Thomas has shivering problem and unable to do any work and they are in distress as to how to continue with the treatment as it is expensive. Therefore, they have requested for financial help to continue treatment.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $865.00

Help request for Hussian Shaji - Cancer Patient #1032

This is a help request from Seenathu Beevi for her husband Hussain Shaji (58 yrs). He is a cancer patient who has been undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer. The family is struggling hard to meet the daily and treatment expenses. They have 2 school going kids. The elder one dropped school at +1 and going to daily wage work to support the family. Let's lend a hand to help this family in need.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $965.00

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