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Help request for Kumaran for cancer treatment


This reqeuest is for Kumaran. He is suffering from cancer and had to undergo radiations after surgery to remove the tumor in his leg. He need medicine life long. He was a mechanic and now he is not able to work as he is not feeling well. Family is finding difficulty in meeting his treatment expense. Let us please help the family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $1600
08-Nov-2020 - 28-Nov-2020

Help reqeust for Dileep for treatment


Dear Friends, This request is from Deepa for the treatment of her husband Dileep. Dileep have 5 blocks in his heart and need immediate surgery. He is a daily wage worker with 2 daughters who are studying. Family is finding it difficult to meet the treatment expense. Let us help this family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $3720
23-Oct-2020 - 22-Nov-2020

Gini mol B. nursing student in financial need


This is a request on behalf of Ginimol B. who is a 4th year B Sc. nursing student at St Gregorios College of Nursing, Parumala. She started facing financial difficulties after the death of her father in 2017. They managed so far with the minimal income from her mothers job (thozil uruppu program and some catering work). Because of the Covid situation her mother ( the only bread winner of the family) has been forced to stay at home without income. Hence it has been extremely difficult for them to survive financially. Ginimol has an immediate need of Rs 77000 ( around $1000) and is seeking your help to meet this urgent need. She was referred to me by Fr Shaun Mathew's aunt who is a nun - Sister Naomi ( nursing Superintendent of St Gregorios Nursing College, Parumala). Any contribution you can make t will be a great help for this student in this critical time in her life. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1600
19-Oct-2020 - 31-Oct-2020

Help Sayophin Koottungal Beat Kidney Disease


Sayophin Koottungal (44) was diagnosed with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. After numerous scans and tests, doctors discovered that his kidneys had shrank and could not function properly. As a result of his diagnosis, Sayophin has had to undergo two sessions of hemodialysis weekly and must take extensive medication. The treatment has taken a physical toll on Sayophin, a painter and auto driver, and has prevented him from being able to financially support his family. As Sayophin searches for a possible kidney donor, he and his family must grapple with the mounting medical expenses of his condition. His doctors estimate that the total medical expenses of the transplant, care, and medication for the first year will total Rs10,00,000. This doesn’t include the cost of the additional years of medication and the living expenses of his family. Considering all expenses, we estimate it will cost nearly Rs.30,00,000 for the surgery and 4+ years of treatment and care. This is a difficult burden for this small family to bear by themselves. Please consider supporting Sayophin and his family during his surgery and recovery. Your contribution will go directly to help Sayophin, his wife Sherin, and his three children Joshna (13), Joana (5), and Emmanuel (2) during this difficult period for their family.

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RAISED : $10320
14-Oct-2020 - 18-Nov-2020

Janaki V - 72 yrs, Esophageal Cancer Patient -Seeking help


This is a help request from Janaki V - 70 yrs, Esophageal cancer Patient, her husband passed away, living with her daughter who is a housewife. Other household members have no steady income. The doctor has certified that she needs around 5 Lakhs for her cancer treatment. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1620
11-Oct-2020 - 07-Nov-2020

Help request for Aneeta Thomas for her studies


Dear Friends, This request is for Aneeta Thomas. She is a 2nd year General Nursing student at St. Josephs school of Nursing, Kothamangalam. Her Father is sick and her mother is not able to get work due to Corona. She is a daily wage worker. Family is finding difficulty in meeting treatment expense for her Father and meeting her educational expense. Let us please help he to complete her study and support the family. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $1903
11-Oct-2020 - 17-Oct-2020

Jessamma Benedict suffering from Aplastic anemia


This request is from Jessamma Benedict (age 51), who is suffering from Aplastic anemia. She currently stays alive by doing Platelet transfusion 3 times a week. She is trying to get the treatment in the hospital and currently seeking help from the others for the cost of the treatment. Her husband is the only breadwinner in the family and working as an autorickshaw driver and having two children. Her husband is also a survivor of partial paralysis but trying his maximum for keeping the family running and for the treatment for her wife. Mrs. Jessamma Benedict requests us for financial help to continue her medical treatment, and for sustaining her family during this difficult situation. She lives in Champakulam Grama Panchayat, Alappuzha. .. See more »

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RAISED : $4413
10-Oct-2020 - 18-Nov-2020

Treatment expenses for muscular dystrophy patients


Special case opened to help five muscular dystrophy patients to continue with their treatment expenses. Due to the current environment, these individuals and their families are facing financial difficulties, hence unable to continue treatment. Aruna - 31 Shimna - 30 Shibin - 28 Vinitha - 35 Vineesh - 33 .. See more »

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RAISED : $600
15-Sep-2020 - 17-Oct-2020

Jithin Earnest - Second time Kidney transplant


This help request is brought by Aju Daniel, HalpSaveLife member. This request is for Jithin Earnest who is a kidney patient for the past two years who had to do dialysis and kidney transplant. Last year Jithin's father donated a kidney but that transplant was a failure. Jithin's father passed away from liver cancer recently. Currently Jithin is undergoing three Hemodialysis each week . Doctor's are saying Jithin need another kidney transplant. Jithin's mother is requesting help for his treatment. I request all members to help Jithin and family for the treatment. .. See more »

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RAISED : $2120
06-Sep-2020 - 15-Nov-2020

Jinu - Kidney transplant patient


Jinu John from Kakkayam, Kozhikode is a kidney patient for the past 5 years. After the long treatment, continuous dialysis and waiting, finally he had his kidney transplant surgery last week. His father had passed away few years back and his mother is working for daily wage. Due to emergency situation, the hospital conducted the surgery on 1 lakh deposit out of the 6 lakhs needed. Now the family is seeking our help to raise the remaining 5 lakhs by the time he get discharged from hospital. Any help to support this young man to pay his hospital bills and follow up treatment will be greatly appreciated. .. See more »

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RAISED : $2250
30-Aug-2020 - 06-Sep-2020

Help request for Sathy Gopalan


This help request is for Sathy Gopalan (65 years old) who is suffering from Kidney disease and need dialysis twice a week. Monthly cost is around Rs. 30,000($400). She is staying along with her son, who is a taxi driver and he is not able to go for work as she need to take hsi mother for dialysis. Also he is not able to get much work due to corona. Family is finding difficulty to find money for the recurring cost. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1250
27-Aug-2020 - 03-Sep-2020

Hip replacement surgery for Shabu


Shabu (52) is a fish vendor from Nandikkara, Thrissur and is in need of an immediate hip replacement surgery. The deterioration of his left socket has incapacitated Shabu and surgery is the only way out. The surgery promises to relieve Shabu of his pain and will enable him to support his mother, wife and two children who are in college. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1660
24-Aug-2020 - 07-Sep-2020

Help request for Jose Abraham


This help request is from Shiny Jose for her husband Jose Abraham. He need a immediate liver transplant. The cost for liver transplant is around Rs.25 lakh($33,300). Jose is a farmer and Shiny Housewife. Family is finding difficulty in meeting this sudden expense. .. See more »

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RAISED : $3050
23-Aug-2020 - 31-Aug-2020

Help Request for Devika


Devika is a M.Com Student. Her father passed away couple years ago. Her mother is a daily wage worker supporting a family of three. She is finding it hard to support the family with her income. .. See more »

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RAISED : $2000
15-Aug-2020 - 24-Aug-2020

Essential Food Supplies to the Coastal Villages Affected by COVID 19


Trivandrum is a southern regional district in Kerala, India. A substantial number of its population lives in its coastal areas. These densely populated coastal villages have now turned out to be one of the major clusters of COVID-19. The rapid spread of the virus and the continuing prolonged lockdown, has adversely affected the lives of the common people here. In addition, sea rage has also relentlessly hammered the coast, breaching the sea wall, damaging homes, and disrupting the lives of many of these people living on the seashore. The majority of the population of these coastal villages are fishermen and daily wage earners, who are now unable to go for work due to this situation. As an initial step, the Jesus Youth movement, through its Nalla Ayalkaran project, is supporting the community in these coastal villages by providing essential food supplies for their daily living. It would come around $9 for a single food supplies kit, which is a provision for one family, for one week. At present, 30,000 families are in dire need of support. We are hoping to reach out to 10,000 families among them. The sustainability of this project depends on the participation and collaboration of those who could support us generously to this end. We would really appreciate any response you may provide, towards supporting these needy families. Thank you in advance for your contribution. .. See more »

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RAISED : $3600
05-Aug-2020 - 24-Aug-2020

Roby K Abraham


The request for financial support has been received from Mrs Rini Aleyamma Philip for her husband Mr. Roby K. Abraham, 46 years, Kallumkal house, Ponkunnam P.o., Kottayam- 686 506 .He is undergoing medical treatment for Chronic Liver disease with portal hypertension at the Amrutha Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin for past two years. Now his health condition is very weak and the doctors have advised for immediate surgery and liver transplant. The family is economically very poor, living with 83 year old mother and two daughters studying 9th and 4th grades. They are living on the income of wife as a lab technician. They need around Rs 40 lakhs for the surgery . Hence this help request is made for financial support from friends and well wishers for the surgery and medical treatment. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1163
01-Aug-2020 - 27-Oct-2020

Lokose - skin graft surgery due to diabetes


Mr, Lukose Joseph is a 60 yr old diabetic patient. He burned his leg in an accident and formed a large non-healing ulcer on his right lower limb. As in the photo attached, the flesh exposed most of his right leg below knee. Apart from amputation, the only other option doctors suggesting is perform a skin grafting surgery by taking skin from another area of the body. Mr. Lukose is poor, his wife cannot do her daily wage work now to take care of him and his son who is 21 used to work in a Jeweler shop, which is now closed due to corona. He has a daughter who is married and another son who is a priest. They already spent 2 lakhs for his treatment by the support from others and also by borrowing. The proposed skin graft surgery would cost close to 3 lakhs. Any assistance to support this patient would go a long way to save him from being handicapped for the rest of his life. .. See more »

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RAISED : $2450
23-Jul-2020 - 24-Aug-2020

Help request for 10 year old Abiya for cancer treatment


This help request is for 10 years old Abiya Joseph. Abiya is diagnoised with cancer in her neck. Her Father passed away an year back. She is staying with her mother in a rental house.Her mother was a daily wage worker and she is not able to go for work as Abiya is undergoing treatment in RCC, Thiruvananthapuram. Since cancer is in neck, she can't undergo surgery and doctors started Chemo. Family is finding it difficult to find money for treatment, stay and daily expenses. Let us please join together to help them in this difficult time. .. See more »

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RAISED : $2385
14-Jul-2020 - 06-Aug-2020

Help request for Varghese throat cancer patient


This is a help request from Varghese M.M who is recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Mr. Varghese is father of Maria Varghese whom we sponsor for her school studies since 2013. Maria is now in 12th grade. They are from very poor family. I request you all to help the family for the treatment expense. .. See more »

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RAISED : $995
10-Jul-2020 - 06-Sep-2020

Help request for treatment of Saji VV


This request is from Emily for the treatment of her husband Saji. Saji is suffering from advanced cancer of appendix. He is doing Chemo and will need surgery and further Chemo. Emily is a house wife and they have two daughters. Family have only a small house and 5 cents land and find difficulty in meeting the treatment expense. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1585
06-Jul-2020 - 23-Jul-2020
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