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Neenu - Nursing student education help


Neenu is a nursing student needs help with her fees. Neenu's parent are daily wage workers. She is finding hard to support herself. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1425
12-Jan-2020 - 27-Jan-2020

Treatment for Sinry and Benjamin


This request is from Shaijan for Sinry Shijen and her son Benjamin Shijen's treatment. Benjamin is suffering from TB and Sinry recently fell down and broke her arm.They have four children. They are very poor and live in a one cent house with help from friend's and well wishers. Any help for Sinry's family is appreciated. This case is brought by Aju Daniel, HelpSaveLife member. He knows the family very well. I also have met Shijen personally. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1725
17-Nov-2019 - 01-Dec-2019

Help request for Amala Baby


This help request is for Amala Baby. She is a 2nd year Bsc Bio technology student at Indira Gandhi College. Her father is a farmer and her mother a daily wage worker. She have 2 other siblings. Family is finding difficulty to meet her educational expense. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $1026
08-Nov-2019 - 03-Dec-2019

Saithalvi - Avascular Necrosis Treatment for hip


Update: 12/1/19: Saithalavi' son who was the only remaining bread winner, met with a bike accident two weeks back where fellow passenger died on the spot and he is still unconscious. So converting this to an emergency case. This is a help request for Mr. Saithalvi Muhammed, 41 years old, (from Pattakarimbu, Nilambur, Malappuram district) who had the hip replacement surgery (Avascular Necrosis of the hip). He was working as a daily wage laborer and his family consists of his mother, wife and four children. Due to the illness, he is unable to go for work. The family is facing great financial difficulty for his continued treatments as well as for daily living. In this situation, he is seeking our help. Please consider extending a helping hand to this family. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1336
08-Oct-2019 - 19-Dec-2019

Case#0862 Cancer Patient Mrs Thankamma Madhavan


Thankamma Madhavan is suffering from Cancer since 4 years. Her husband is a daily wage worker and deceased. They are struggle to get the funding for the treatment and even for the food. Requesting financial help to overcome these situation .. See more »

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RAISED : $800
25-Apr-2019 - 30-Nov-2019

Remadevi Santhosh - Cancer Patient


Remadevi Santhosh is suffering from Cancer and having two kids studying. Her husband is a fisherman, the only income generator is not enough to do the treatment and kids education. They are seeking for financial help. .. See more »

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RAISED : $735
20-Feb-2019 - 31-Oct-2019

Jessy George - Cancer Patient


Mrs Jessy George suffering from cancer since 3 years and undergoing different treatments at different hospitals with expensive medication. She and her husband not able to meet all the expenses for the treatment. They are continuting the treatment with the help of others. .. See more »

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RAISED : $895
11-Jul-2019 - 31-Dec-2019

Sasi - Peripheral artery disease (Tribal patient)


Sasi is a tribal colony resident who is unable to walk due to Peripheral artery disease. He is under treatment at Kozhikode medical college, need support to continue his treatment. .. See more »

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RAISED : $700
11-Apr-2019 - 30-Sep-2019

Krupa Jose - Nursing Education Support 3rd year


Extended help request from Krupa Jose for the third year studies We helped her last two years. Please see the previous cases in the following link Attached last years mark list and letters .. See more »

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RAISED : $600
04-Jul-2019 - 31-Dec-2019

Dany MS - Support for College Education


Help request is for Dany M.S for her studies. We have been helping her by sponsor a child program(case#425, case#663) and now she is going to start her 3rd year for B.Arch at KMCT college of Architecture. She is from a a poor family and her dad is a daily wage worker. She is a hard working student. Let us please help her to complete her studies. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $935
30-Jun-2019 - 31-Dec-2019

Jolvin Paul - Support for college education


This help request is for Jolvin Paul for his studies. He is studying for 1st year B. Tech at MBITS Kothamangalam. His father is a daily wage worker. Family is finding it difficult to meet his educational expense. Let us help this family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $1015
22-Jun-2019 - 30-Nov-2019

Suja Jayes - bone cancer patient


Mrs Suja Jayes suffering from bone cancer and undergoing radiation,each radiation cost around Rs.55,000. Her husband is a daily wage worker not able to afford the treatment expenses and requesting for financial help for her treatment .. See more »

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RAISED : $810
10-Jun-2019 - 30-Nov-2019

Lathika Vinod - Kidney Patient


The help request is received from Mrs Lathika Vinod, 42 years old, . She is a kidney patient (1gA nephropathy with mesangial hypercellularity, segmental Sclerosis) under treatment at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kochi. The family is very poor economically and they live in a 5 cent land. Mrs Lathika was going to a Textile shop previously and unable to do any work due to her kidney problem and the family is in distress. Her husband is a cooli worker and theylive with his meagre wages they live. Now due to kidney disease of his wife they find it very difficult to continue treatment as it is expensive. They have two daughters and one is mentally challenged. Therfore they requested for financial help for continuing the medical treatment. .. See more »

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RAISED : $945
03-Jun-2019 - 31-Dec-2019

Yesudasan K.S - Adenoid Cystic Cancer Patient


The help request is received from Mrs Gracy Yesudas, Kudiyattil, PCK staff quarters, Vadavathoor P.o., Kottayam- 686010 for her husband Mr Yesudasan K.S. 49 years old, who is undergoing medical treatment at Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvanathapuram for Adenoid Cystic Cancer (Ca maxillary sinus) since 2010. He underwent radiation and chemo therapy. Due to cancer treatment and it's side effects he lost eye sight and hearing. His family consists of wife and two college going studying. The family find it very difficult to continue the treatment because of huge medical expenses and they are in distress. Therefore, they have requested for financial help. Minu Mary Joseph .. See more »

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RAISED : $718.55
03-Jun-2019 - 30-Nov-2019

Help request for a Cancer patient


Help request for Shajan,who is undergoing treatment for Cancer for the last couples of years. He has already undergone surgery which costs about 6 lakhs and needs more surgery. They are struggling to meet the financial needs and he was the only income generator at his house. .. See more »

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RAISED : $720
30-May-2019 - 30-Jun-2019

Jose V C - Eye injury from accident


This is a help request from Jose V.C from Kuniyanpuzha, Kannur, Kerala. He is 48 years old. He is a painting worker. He had a major accident and his both eyes got injured. Many round of surgeries are done by the help of many people locally. He is still under treatment survived by his wife Titty Jose and two kids. Both kids completed plus two and not able to continue education because of the financial situation at home. Jose can’t work until he is fully recovered. Now they are in great financial trouble to meet his medical expenses. In this situation, they are asking our help. Please consider extending a helping hand to this family. .. See more »

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RAISED : $685
15-May-2019 - 31-Oct-2019

Child with Autism spectrum Disorder


7 yr old Child with autism spectrum disorder, family struggling with expenses. Required for speech therapy and other expenses such as transportation to hospitals, therapy, Doctor visit expenses. We know the father of the beneficiary very well and hence the request genuine. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1151
10-Apr-2019 - 20-Jun-2019

Jayakumar B - Unable to walk due to pneumonia and jaundice


Dear HSL members, This is a help request for Jayakumar B (46 years) from his wife Ambili Jayakumar. He got usual fever and sick which turned into pneumonia and jaundice. With that, everything turned worse, had less blood flow to his knees/feet, cannot get up or walk. Need the support from someone for all this primary needs. Due to this situation, his wife cannot goto work either. He has a son studing in 4th grade, his older parents. Family really needs financial support to continue with the treatments. Kindly requesting Helpsavelife members to help this family to get their struggles and eventually come back to normal life. Thanks Sojimon .. See more »

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RAISED : $635
06-Apr-2019 - 30-Sep-2019

Hariyat Anthony - Nursing Student


A request for educational help has been received from Mrs Sheeba Antony, Pandara Padathu house, Manjummel P.O. Ernakulam-- 683501 for her daughter studying for BSc Nursing course. They have a son also who is school going. Her husband passed away last year ago and the family is living in difficulty with the little income she gets from stitching work in a shop. The family is very poor economically and has requested for financial assistance for education to complete the Nursing course of her daughter.The approximate cost of the class 4 lakhs. Let us support this poor family in the educational help request to complete the Nursing degree course of her daughter. .. See more »

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RAISED : $600
31-Mar-2019 - 31-Oct-2019

Jameela - Cancer Patient


This help request is received from Jameela Alan, 55 years, Azhuvalappil house,Pattakarimbu,Kavalamukkatta P.O; Malappuram, Kerala 679-332. She is under treatment for cancer (Neuroendocrine Carcinoma) at MES Medical College & Hospital, Perinthalmanna. She belongs to a very poor family and is a daily wage worker. She is requesting financial help for her medication. .. See more »

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RAISED : $748.6
29-Mar-2019 - 31-Aug-2019
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