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Special assistance for Vimala, a paraplegic


Vimala, 45 years old, has been a paraplegic for the past 24 years due to muscular dystrophy. She requires full time care and even help with basic needs. She is requesting assistance to purchase a wheelchair giving her increased mobility and independence. .. See more »

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RAISED : $400
09-May-2020 - 13-May-2020

Help request for Joseph V.V


This help request is for Joseph V.V for this surgery. Joseph is suffering from cancer and need a surgery to remove the tumor. He is a daily wage worker and his wife is not working. He got a son who is studying. Family is finding difficult to meet the expense for the surgery. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1501
04-May-2020 - 24-May-2020

Joseph Mathai - Leg Amputee and Wife Cancer patient


Joseph Mathai is Aju Daniel's school class mate. He lives in Pothujanam Lane, Kumarapuram with his wife and two children, one just completed degree and other in 10th standard in St. Mary's. Joseph was working as Manager of a printing press, when diabetic struck him. Now his one leg amputated and the other leg is weak to hold his weight, resulting him almost all the time, in bed. Another blow is that his wife got breast cancer and is under treatment. Now that the medicines for both itself cost nearly Rs. 7000 per month. At present the family has no income and his debts are increasing day by day. He personally requested help from us. I have no idea how to help him and hence I did not visit him. Any amount we give will be of great help, but is for a short time. So we need to think of some sustainable way of supporting him. He is in a very bad shape and in severe financial crisis. Imagine a house without income for the last one year, and that too with big hospital expenses. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1060
10-Mar-2020 - 29-May-2020

Neenu - Nursing student education help


Neenu is a nursing student needs help with her fees. Neenu's parent are daily wage workers. She is finding hard to support herself. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1425
12-Jan-2020 - 27-Jan-2020

Sunil Kumar K. S. - Movement Disorder


Paraplegic for 10 years after a fall from tree. Lost both parents within the last 3 years. Lives in a rented house with support from local community. .. See more »

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RAISED : $300
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Prasad P. S. - Movement Disorder


Paraplegic for the last 32 years after a fall while working as a coconut tree climber. He is diabetic, on urinary catheter and undergoing treatment for leg ulcers caused by immobility. .. See more »

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RAISED : $350
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Balakrishnan K. K. - Movement Disorder


Suffered injuries and became paraplegic after a fall while working as a coconut tree climber. He also has kidney disease and leg ulcers caused by immobility. .. See more »

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RAISED : $270
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Pramod V - Movement Disorder


Paraplegic since a young age caused by polio. Both parents have health problems, co cannot work and do not have regular income. .. See more »

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RAISED : $270
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Diji K. N. - Movement Disorder


Paraplegic since a young age caused by polio. Her arms are also becoming weaker. .. See more »

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RAISED : $270
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Shiny - Movement Disorder


Mental disability with intellectual development disorder. Both her parents and sister died in recent years, so she lives with her aunt. .. See more »

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RAISED : $350
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Libin - Movement Disorder


Mental disability with intellectual development disorder and weak motor skills. Father is a leg amputee and unable to work. .. See more »

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RAISED : $301
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Priyanka & Preetha - Movement Disorder


Priyanka is a quadriplegic suffering from physical growth retardation. She is also blind and deaf, with speech disability. Her older sister Preetha was born blind as well. Their father is now undergoing treatment for heart disease and unable to work. .. See more »

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RAISED : $350
08-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Jithu N.K - Movement Disorder


Quadriplegic since birth, with epilepsy. Two years ago, his father died due to cardiac disease and last year lost his mother to kidney failure. Currently staying with his aunt along with younger brother. .. See more »

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RAISED : $330
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Hasna & Hisana - Movement Disorder


Twin sisters with muscular dystrophy, unable to walk since birth. Their father has no permanent job due to mental illness. Mother stays home providing care. .. See more »

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RAISED : $320
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Jomet - Kidney Transplant


Jomet MJ, 30, is a End-stage Chronic Kidney disease patient and currently undergoing regular dialysis. He requires kidney transplant for survival. Hi aunt has agreed to donate kidney for him. His parents also have health issues and unable to work. Jomet was the only bread winner for the family. Your support will be a great help for this family. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1180
14-Dec-2019 - 30-Apr-2020

Geetha - kidney patient


The help request is received from Mrs Geetha Singh, 39 years old, She is a kidney patient undergoing treatment at Lourds Hospital, Ernakulam. The family is very poor economically, her parents died and recently her husband died as well. She is left with a 5th grade son studying at the local school. She is not able to go to work due to twice a week dialysis requirement and family situation is very very bad. She is requesting for financial help for continuing the medical treatment and their day to day expenses. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1050
16-Dec-2019 - 31-Mar-2020

Akhil Prakash, 30 yrs, Stage 5 Kidney patient


This is the help request for a young man, Akhil Prakash, Age 30, who is a Stage 5 Kidney patient, His father, AK Prakashan is a farmer, mom is a housewife, unemployed. He has a younger brother. Akhil and his family live in a small village in Kaippattoor in Ernakulam District, Kerala. He was a very active and responsible young person who helped many sick people in his younger years to get back to their normal life. Unfortunately, Akhil had a kidney transplantation a few years ago due to his severe kidney problems and his local community helped him financially for the surgery. A few years later, Akhil’s kidney got damaged again and his life is in critical condition now. There is no other treatment other than another kidney transplant. It costs around Rs.25,00,000 (25 Lakhs - 8 Lakhs for Kidney transplant surgery, another 8 lakhs for the surgery on the donor to separate the kidney, and then remaining for the followup treatments ) including his treatment, Kidney donor’s treatment and follow up services. His father doesn’t have any stable income and he can’t go for any job because of his son’s condition. Akhil needs a helping hand from as many people as possible to get the kidney transplant done and come back to a somewhat normal life. Medical and other necessary docs are attached. Kindly requesting HelpSaveLife members to provide any assistance to this young man. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1423.6
11-Dec-2019 - 02-May-2020

Help 12 individuals with neuromuscular disorders


This is a special request to support 12 individuals with neuromuscular genetic disorders or permanent disabilities caused by accidents. In addition to meeting expenses for ongoing medical treatment, most of them need good quality mobility equipment like a robust wheelchair or other support accessories. From 10 year old twins with muscular dystrophy to a 57 year old with accident inflicted paraplegia, they come from various backgrounds and are at different stages of life, all dealing with unique challenges. Please lend a helping hand to ease the hardship faced by their struggling families. If each beneficiary can receive around $250-300, that could go a long way and will certainly provide immediate relief. Please open 0-Summary.pdf below for a quick overview of the 12 people and their challenges. Supporting documents for each person are also available for your review. .. See more »

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RAISED : $3111
01-Dec-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

Treatment for Sinry and Benjamin


This request is from Shaijan for Sinry Shijen and her son Benjamin Shijen's treatment. Benjamin is suffering from TB and Sinry recently fell down and broke her arm.They have four children. They are very poor and live in a one cent house with help from friend's and well wishers. Any help for Sinry's family is appreciated. This case is brought by Aju Daniel, HelpSaveLife member. He knows the family very well. I also have met Shijen personally. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1725
17-Nov-2019 - 01-Dec-2019

Case#0882 Cancer Patient Asha T.N.


Asha T.N. is a widow suffering from cancer since 3 years. She is not able to do heavy work. She has to take care of her mother and a son who is studying. Requesting for financial help for her medical expenses. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1053
31-Oct-2019 - 30-Apr-2020
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