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Financial aid to physically handicapped for their children’s back to school needs
Case Initiated : Jemlin Lucas 5/16/2020 12:00:00 AM

This special request is to support back to school needs of families with physically handicapped/disabled members. While some children are suffering from autism, many have parents who are paraplegic, either by birth or due to accidents. There are many families who could benefit from our support as the Covid crisis has diminished the inflow of contribution from local donors. The funds will be distributed by Sahayathra Charitable Society who is caring for 57 families today. As the schools are re-opening, the society is seeking financial aid to distribute supplies and textbooks, along with payment of school fees for 28 students from 1st grade to post graduation.

The request letter with list of beneficiaries and additional information on the activities of the society are uploaded. The society continues to distribute food packets during Covid lockdown, conducts computer classes and offers library books. These families were already dealing with the insecurities and risks of isolation, and the current crisis just made it worse. Kindly extend your help and bring hope to these families.

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