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Help request for a 15 year old Arthritis patient
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-12-13
Case# 0676

Help request for treatment of a 15 year old boy Stephin . He is diagnosed with Arthritis disease , and is on expensive medication. His father and mother were separated. Mother is doing house hold work and making money for her daughter's studies and also for the treatment. Since this income is not enough, the neighbors and well wishers are helping them to move forward. Please help the family on medication and education expenses.

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Help request from a Heart Patient
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-12-20
Case# 0679

Parkash and Sandhya, parents to two children, were working in Madhya Pradesh. The elder one is studying for preisthood and younger one is in seventh standard. Prakash got transferred to kerala and couple of days after reaching there he had a heart attack. This leads Sandhya and her younger child to come to Kerala. Both Parkash and Sandhya lost their jobs and the younger kids' education stopped. They don't have a home and are living with aged parents in relatives houses. Whatever they have is being used for Parkash's treatment and they do not have enough for daily expenses. They are requesting help for the cardiac surguery for Prakash.

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Help request for disabled
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2017-12-29
Case# 0681

Help request for Mr Sreekanth, 38 years old, whose right leg below knee has been surgically removed at Govt. Medical College Hospital Kottayam after an accident. Mr Sreekanth was a daily wage earner and due to the accident he is disabled and unable to work. They are from a poor family with no other source of income. They have a school going son and are in financial problem to run the family and education of the son. Therefore, they are requesting for financial help from fellow brothers to mitigate their sufferings.

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Help request for brain hemorrhage
Case Initiated : Benny Davis, 2018-02-18
Case# 0690

This request is from Mathew K.J for the treatment of his wife Jincy. Jincy had a bleeding in brain and was in ICU for 30 days. Mathew is a daily wage worker and he is not able to work now as Jincy need full time care and need feeding through tube. So far they have spent around Rs.5.5Lakhs(.$8461) and need further treatment. They have 2 college going kids. Family is finding it difficult to meet treatment expense. Let us please help this family in their time of need.

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Help request for aortic dissection treatment
Case Initiated : Lalu Vazhekatt, 2018-02-23
Case# 0692

Help request for Mr. Paulose from Kulai , who is 50 years old requires a stent graft due to 'Type B Aortic Dissection' (tear in the inner lining of blood vessel). Surgery alone would cost more than 8 lacs. Paulose who is a bus driver is the only bread winner for the family which includes his wife and two children (10th grade and college student). So the treatment expense is far beyond the family could afford to pay. Any help to support Paulose's family with the surgery expense will be greatly appreciated.

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