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Help request for Jomol - Tuberculosis Arthritis patient
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2017-10-27
Case# 0665

The help request is received from Mathai Joseph, Kalluvathakuzhiyil, Elampally P.o., Kottayam- 686503, for his daughter, Jomol, 18 years,who was a Nursing student is diagnosed with "Tuberculosis Arthritis left Sacro Iliac Joint" and is undergoing medical treatment at Medical college hospital Kottayam. She is bed ridden and unable to move . The family is very poor and needs financial help from fellow brethren's for medical treatment and purchase of medicines and diapers. Therefore, let us help this family for continuing the medical treatment of his daughter.

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Tounge Cancer Patient - Shaji Narayanan
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-11-24
Case# 0670

Mr. Shaji Narayanan, is a daily wage worker who was taking care of his mother,sister and two kids suffering form tongue cancer and undergoing treatment. He is the only income generating person and this family is financial crisis to meet all the expenses including the medicine since he can't work.

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Milk Allergy for a New born baby
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-12-06
Case# 0672

Mr. Biju's son born with milk allergy and struggling to find difficulty in finding the expensive alternative food. The baby is 5 months old now and the current diet required to continue up to three years. Biju is a daily wage worker. Please see the details in the attached documents.

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Help Request for FUGA people in Sadama, Ehiopia by Sr. Valsamma Varghese
Case Initiated : Sojimon James, 2017-12-19
Case# 0678

Dear HelpSaveLife Family, This is a help request from Sr. Valsamma Varghese, in Sadama, Hosanna, Ethiopia asking to support 22 Children belonging to the outcast group, called FUGA, in Sadama, Ethiopia. Details are given below.

I am presenting a project proposal for the poor and marginalized people, who are called FUGA, by the local people which is a derogatory term, who are potters and also do some very poor carpentry work and they are segregated by the society because of their humble origin and low social status. They are seen as inhuman, treated less than wild animals. So they have no land, no harvest, nothing to eat, no house except they search and find houses left by others because it is old or not convenient to others, their children do not go to school, in the church also they do not sit in the chair with other people, they do not eat or drink with others. In general they are out cast more than I could explain and you could imagine.

This request is to support the following 22 children. The total estimated cost for this project is $23,523 USD Detailed breakdown provided in the attachment.

Names of the children who will be receiving the support thru this project.

1. Chakisso Anito 4 Years K.G. 1 (M) 2. Tekle Ergicho 4 Years K.G. 1 (M) 3 .Mulunesh Gizacho 4 Years K.G. 1 (F) 4.Tagesech Gizacho 4 Years K.G. 1 (F) 5. Mitike Negatu 4 Years K.G. 1 (F) 6. Mishamo Timirtu 4 Years K.G. 1 (M) 7.Senbeth Brega 4 Years K.G. 1 (M) 8. Bethelehem Shegute 4 Years K.G. 1 (F) 9. Milinieum Shegute 8 Years K.G. 2 (M) 10. Tarike Shegute 4 years K.G. 1 (F) 11. Zerihun Abera 6 Years K.G. 1 (M) 12. Molito Abera 4 Years K.G. 1 (M) 13 .Meserete Abera 5 Years K.G. 1 (F) 14. Meskele Elias 4 Years K.G. 1 (F) 15. Gogame Elias 8years in Grade 1 (F) 16. Fayisa Abera 8 Years K.G. 3 (M) 17. Shanko Menaze 4 Years K.G. 1 (F) 18. Ashamo Braga 10 Years Grade 1 (M) 19. Chomiso Braga 7 Years Grade 1 (M) 20. Wagmo Timirtu 8 Years Grade 1 (M) 21.Damble Gizacho 8 Years Grade 1 (M) 22. Baraze Abure 9 Years Grade 1 (M)

ADDRESS: Filesetamariam Kindergarten/ St. Anne Primary School Sadama Hosanna Ethiopia

Electronic money Transfer to be made to Sr. Valsamma Varghese Daughters of the Heart of Mary Sadama Hosanna Ethiopia Bank : COMMERCIAL BANK OF ETHIOPIA SWIFT CODE : CBETETAA ACCOUNT Number : 1000038086921

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Help Request for Akhil - PG Student
Case Initiated : Josemon Joseph, 2017-12-10
Case# 0703

This is a help request from a poor student Akhil Binoy who we helped before for his higher secondary education (Case#422). He has passed higher secondary with very good grades and now studying. integrated Pg in Masters Of Travel And Tourism Management (M.T.T.M)@Bangalore,Indian Academy Degree College. His family is facing financial difficulty in supporting his educational expenses and requesting our help one more time.

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