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Help request for kidney dialysis
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-11-06
Case# 0666

Help request for Mrs Kuttiyamma George, undergoing dialysis twice a week from last couple of years having an expense of around 28,000 per month. She belongs to a very poor family and struggling to meet the medical expenses.

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Request from patients Binu K and Asha Varghese
Case Initiated : Binu Varghese, 2017-12-14
Case# 0677

Request from Binu K, a type 2 diabetic patient, and his wife Asha Varghese, thyroid patient, to meet their medical bills and day to day needs. Binu is a daily wage worker, and Asha is not working. They have two kids. Binu can’t work daily and earn a stable income for his family because of his chronic type 2 diabetes and high insulin dose. They don’t have any own house. Binu and Asha are requesting us for financial help.

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Help request for a cancer patient
Case Initiated : Sebastian Antony, 2017-11-24
Case# 0696

Help request for Aleyamma (63 years old), who is a breast cancer patient . She is undergoing treatment . Her husband's two sisters are living with them due to their illness. Aleyamma's son is a daily wage worker and family is seeking financial help for both their treatment and to take care of their large family.

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Help Request - Ramya Saji
Case Initiated : Manju Joseph, 2018-02-25
Case# 0698

This is a help request for Ramya Saji (26 years). She is suffering from end stage renal failure and needs a kidney transplant. The approximate cost for the transplant is INR 16 lakhs. Her husband Saji George is a daily wage earner who is struggling to manage his family including his parents and cover the treatment expenses.

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Help Request for Athulya - M.Sc Student
Case Initiated : Cyriac and Saly Samuel, 2017-11-07
Case# 0699

Athulya is one of the twins who just joined MSc (maths) at Sree Vidyadhi Raja NSS College, Vazhoor, Kottayam. Separate case is created for the other twin who also joined the same course. Their father was a primary school teacher in Karikattoor, Manimala who had a heart attack in 1999 and after that he is on medication and unable to work. Mother is a housewife. He gets a pension of Rs.165600 per year which he spends on his medication. Since 1999, the education of these girls were supported by their neighbors in Government Aided institutions. For their education for the next two years in a private college, they require about Rs.3 lakhs of which their neighbors and others are giving lakh. So they require a help for the remaining one lakh ( $1500) for each of the girls. Please extend your support to Athulya to complete her course successfully.

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