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Help request for one year old
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2017-09-10
Case# 0652

Help request received from Mrs Sonia Ratheesh, for her 1year old boy who is suffering from kidney disorder by birth (posterior urethral valve with bilateral vesicoureteric reflux with left non functioning kidney). One kidney non functional and another kidney is partially functional with the help of tubes for that two operations were performed (right loop ureterostomy with valvotomy + Right Sober's ureterostomy) Her husband is a casual laborer and they are economically very poor. They find it difficult live with the prolonged medical treatment of the child with a monthly expense of 3000 rupees per month for medicines.

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Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2017-09-10
Case# 0653

Help request for Mr K.J. Joseph, 55 years old who is suffering from stroke (Cerebrovascular accident) . His left side paralysed and he is under medical treatment. The family was dependent on Mr Joseph who was a casual laborer and with the little income the family was living and after the stroke he is paralaysed and the family is in utter distress. Therefore, the help request is made for the medical treatment of Mr Joseph with medication and physical therapy as advised by the doctor. Let us support this family financially and save life of the patient and the family from distress.

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Extended Help request for kidney patient
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-10-09
Case# 0659

Extended help request from Rosamma Cyriac who we helped around 6 years before and she is still undergoing dialysis and financially having nothing and requesting the help again. Please see the previous case details in the link below

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Cancer Patient requesting for help
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-10-10
Case# 0660

Help request from Mr. Mohanan ,who is suffering from Lung cancer . He was a daily wage worker. His family is struggling to meet the treatment expenses due to financial difficulty.

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Help request for education support
Case Initiated : Benny Davis, 2017-10-28
Case# 0663

Help request is for Dany M.S for her studies. We have been helping her by sponsor a child program(case#425) and now she has joined for B.Arch at KMCT college of Architecture. She is from a a poor family and her dad is a daily wage worker. She is a hard working student. Let us please help her to complete her studies.

Thank you, Benny

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