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Regular help requests where member's default contributions will automatically be applied

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Help request for Respiratory treatment
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2017-08-02
Case# 0630

The help request is received from Mrs Thankamma for her husband Mr Appu, 64 years old suffering from respiratory disease (COPD _ A/c Infective Exacerbation). The patient condition is very acute and is living with oxygen support and medicines. The family is very poor and needs support financially from fellow brotherens for purchase of medicines and oxygen cylinder every month to save his life. Let us support this poor family financially to purchase medicines and life support with oxygen cylinder every month and save a life.

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Help request for stomach cancer treatment
Case Initiated : Mishu Minu Joseph, 2017-08-20
Case# 0638

Help request for 29 year old Subhash, who has been suffering from stomach cancer. He underwent a few surgeries and now requires prolonged treatment. His family is very poor and his father who is 57 years old is a daily wage worker and is having tremendous financial difficulty. The family is requesting help to continue treatment for Subhash.

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Help request for education
Case Initiated : Sebastian Antony Sabina, 2017-08-06
Case# 0643

Help request for Athulya ,who is doing her first year of B.Com. Her father is a daily wage worker and he is suffering from Osteoporosis. Due to his illness , he is not able to work regularly. Family is struggling to meet father's medical expenses and kids' education.They are in debt too. Please consider Athulya's case and help her with the education expenses.

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Help request for cancer treatment
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-08-15
Case# 0645

Help request for a family who is suffering from stroke, cancer and mental disorder. Mr. Saji is under medication for stroke for more than 6 months and can't work. Doctors are not sure when he can back to his carpentering work. His father is suffering from Cancer since 3 years. Saji's mother is a mental patient. They have two kids. Please help the family.

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Help request from a breast cancer patient
Case Initiated : Thomas Xavier, 2017-07-27
Case# 0650

Help request from Miss Ambika, single living alone, parents died and having two married sisters. She suffered from cancer and after recovery she can't work. Living with the help of others and prayer groups.

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Special Help requests where member's default contributions will not be applied. Members need to explicitly pledge their contributions

Emergencies & Disasters Help RequestTotal DonatedPledge
Help request for Pranav
Case Initiated : Benny Davis, 2017-12-06
Case# 0673

This request is from Pranav. He is from a poor family and need financial help for his studies. We helped him last year through case#581. He currently is a 3rd year student at Viswajyothi Engineering college. Let us please join in helping him with his studies. Since he need help immediately, this case will be a special case and default contributions will not be applied.

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